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Oil and Natural Gas

Oil and Natural Gas

The prairie produces energy that people use every day. Oil and gas are fossil fuels found on every continent in the world except Antarctica.

Oil and gas are formed from decomposed plant and animal material that have been buried underground for millions of years.

Oil and gas companies drill wells, and then pump these fossil fuels up to the surface of the earth. It is very expensive to drill, especially when the companies to not strike oil or gas.

Natural gas is used to heat buildings, for home cooking and to generate electricity.

About two-thirds of the oil in the United States is used for transportation. Oil fuels cars, trucks, helicopters, ships and other means of transportation. Oil is used to make plastic and many other household items that we use every day.

Oil and gas affects other things such as wildlife. Roads and well sites can degrade wildlife habitat, and spills kill vegetation. Oil and gas exploration are not as much of a problem for wildlife if the companies are conscious of the roads and sites they build and keeping the areas clean of unnecessary debris and spills.

Oil and gas are limited resources. This means the supply will run out some day.

Scientists are currently working on finding other ways of producing energy.