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Prairie Falcon

Prairie falcons are prairie birds. They have light brown and cream-colored feathers with spots on their chest. They have a body length of 15 to 19 inches and a 1-meter 3.5 inch wingspan. They inhabit hills, canyons and mountains of grasslands in a large portion of North America.

This falcon actively searches for prey while in flight. They are very vocal and are usually heard before they are seen. Prairie falcons make their nests on rocky cliffs. They often use old hawk or raven nests, but do not rest in trees and do not make their own nests. The female lays 3 to 5 eggs and the male provides food while she is incubating the eggs and for a week after the chicks hatch.

The chicks leave the nest 38 days after they are hatched. The parents continue to feed them for 30 to 35 days after they leave the nest.

Prairie falcons eat small mammals, especially ground squirrels. However, they will also hunt other birds, reptiles and insects.