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Snow On The Mountain

Snow-on-the-mountain is an annual forb in the prairie. It gets its name from the way it looks to be snow-covered. It has a very thick taproot, milky sap and smooth thick white/green bracts*. The white parts of the plant look like flower petals but are actually bracts, which are modified leaves. Flowering is from July to October.

Snow-on-the-mountain can grow from around 12 to over 48 inches tall.

Snow-on-the-mountain is often found in areas of disturbance including construction sites or overgrazed pastures.

Several species of birds consume the seeds of snow-on-the-mountain and pronghorn eat its foliage.

Snow-on-the-mountain is toxic to cattle; therefore it is generally not eaten.

Native Americans used this plant as a liniment for swelling, and as a tea to increase milk production in nursing mothers.

Snow-on-the-mountain is cultivated as a garden ornamental.