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Daisy Fleabane

Daisy Fleabane

Daisy fleabane is a native prairie wildflower in the Asteraceae family, also known as the sunflower family. It gets its name from the smoke it puts off when on fire because the smoke helps get rid of fleas and gnats. Daisy fleabane’s inflorescence type is a head of ray and disk florets. It has white ray florets and yellow disk florets.

Cows do not graze daisy fleabane. White-tailed deer occasionally eat daisy fleabane. When there is a dense covering of daisy fleabane, quail and other small mammals will utilize it for cover.

Daisy fleabane serves as a nectar source for butterflies. Native Americans used the leaves as snuff for head colds, in teas for urinary problems and for treating mouth sores.