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Prescribed Fire

Prescribed Fire

A prescribed fire is a purposely lit fire that is used for land management and restoration.

Native Americans used fire for several different reasons. Two main reasons were to manage wildlife and keep the prairies open near forested areas for bison forage.

Prescribed fire is an inexpensive management tool that can be used to restore ecosystems. Prescribed fire is used all over the world for land maintenance.

Prescribed fire is used in the prairie to prevent trees from encroaching into the prairies, prevent invasive species and improving forage for livestock.

Prescribed fire can also be used to maintain or create wildlife habitat. Prescribed fire is crucial for maintaining habitat for wildlife such as the greater and lesser prairie-chicken.

Prescribed fire is often used to burn up debris and dead plant material such as leaf litter, which allows in water and sunlight to new plants. This also reveals seeds, insects and berries for wildlife to eat.